Stainless Steel Premium 101 pc Wedding Dinner Set


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  • Material: Stainless Steel, made from High quality stainless steel making it exclusive and durable, Color: Silver.
  • These dinner plates are widely acceptable by the Indian homes, they are a little deep, also can be used as a substitute to thalis.
  • This product is food grade, food safe, durable, rust free and dishwasher friendly, It is non-breakable, sturdy and long lasting.
  • These Dinner Plates are widely acceptable by the Indian Homes, they are a little deep, also can be used as a Substitue to Thalis
  • Set contains items for dinning, storing, cooking and serving
  • Package Contents: 6-Piece Thali Big, 6-Piece Plate Small, 6-Piece Glass Big, 6-Piece Glass Small, 6-Piece Bowl Big, 6-Piece Bowl Small 6-Piece Halwa Plate Big, 6-Piece Halwa Plate Small, 6-Piece Tea Spoon, 6-Piece Baby Spoon, 6-Piece Fruit Fork, 5-Piece Spoon Set ( Serving Ladle, Serving Basting Spoon Solid, Serving Basting Spoon Perforated, Serving Skimmer, Salad Tong), 3-Piece Serving Bowl with Lid, 3-Piece Serving Spoon, 6-Piece Baby Fork, 2-Piece Copper Bottom Tope, 2-Piece Tope Cover,
  • 2-Piece Salt & Pepper, 1-Piece Kadai Copper Bottom, 1-Piece Basin/ Parat, 1-Piece Pawali with Lid, 1-Piece Puri Dabba, 1-Piece Masala Dabba, 1-Piece Jug, 1-Piece Sandsi, 1-Piece Chipiya, 1-Piece Rice Tray, 1-Piece Tea Strainer, 1-Piece Peeler, 1-Piece Knife.

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