Aseem Prem ki Aur : Majbut Rishte Banae


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Each of us can spread selfless love. We do not need to create it – we are love itself. But the flow of love is interrupted in moments of mental hurt, accusation, anger, criticism, competition or insecurity. These expressions have come to dominate our emotional spontaneity and we are not able to experience our own love. That is why today we also depend on others to get love. This book enables us to think properly, love ourselves, feel it and convey it to others. Its main message is that love is not somewhere outside, it is inside us. In this book, expressions of love, expectation, fear, anxiety, tension and anger etc. have been analyzed which we use in the name of love. When you are free from any kind of evaluation or expectation, start thinking properly for people, accepting people as they are, then you are selflessly spreading love. Let’s go. Awakening with Brahma Kumari since the year 2007, popular TV. The show Awakening with Brahma Kumariis has become a well-known name worldwide. Its more than two thousand serial links give the message of how and why we should think and behave in a certain way. The audience managed to recover from the yearning, depression, bad addiction, lack of confidence and uneasy relationships and became so judgmental that they had never imagined themselves.
About the Author
Sister bk Shivani has been the practitioner of Raj Yoga meditation of Brahma Kumari since 1996. They offer logical and intuitive ways to establish spiritual rules in everyday life. He has traveled to many countries of the world and shared his wisdom among the audience on topics like meditation, emotional welfare, relationships and leadership. She was awarded the Nari Shakti Puraskar by the Government of India for her role in the transformation of human behavior. He has been appointed as goodwill ambassador on behalf of the World Psychiatric Association. Suresh Oberoi is an internationally acclaimed Indian film actor with more than 250 films on his account. He was awarded the National Film Award in 1982. He is particularly interested in the exploration of spirituality in practical life and has been promoting it from various forums. With a deep desire to contribute to the world, he has launched many humanitarian works. He has been appointed as goodwill ambassador on behalf of the World Psychiatric Association.

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Publisher : Manjul Publishing House
Language : Hindi
Paperback : 360 pages
ISBN-10 : 8195041558
ISBN-13 : 9788195041558
Item Weight : 300 g
Dimensions : 14 x 21.6 x 0.5 cm
Country of Origin : India
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