Arthla Sangram Sindhu Gatha – Part 1 by Vivek Kumar


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In a thousand years, a man who built a pot from clay may have learned to filter uranium from the same soil by increasing his physical knowledge, but his state of mental development is still primitive.
No matter the time – Treta, Dvapar or Kali Yuga have been governing the behavior of man from the ages of his virtue and fortitude.
This saga is not of any specific hero, but of an entire era, consisting of civilization, culture, society, country-age, construction and holocaust. The era in which the gods, demons, demons and demons were at their supremacy. This was the era when the earth used to shake with the threat of Devastras and Brahmastras.
Demonstration of power, increasing equipment of enjoyment, authority over new resources and the race to become supreme gave rise to such an economic struggle between the Devas, Asuras and other castes, which at times pushed the entire Jambudweep towards the Devasur-Sangram. But this time it was Sangram-Sindhu’s turn. The very destructive Mahasangram which was more destructive than the ten Devasur-Sangrams.
This section of the Sangram-Indus saga will reveal the basic basis of the supernatural deity of the gods along with the history of the gods, demons, demons and other castes.
About the author
Vivek Kumar – After getting his initial education in Jaunpur, Faizabad, Varanasi and Allahabad, he got an engineering degree from Meerut. After working for a while in a private company, he started his own graphics blog. Focused on writing while currently residing in Lucknow. Special interest in history, science, philosophy, photography and Wandering.

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